I'm Ris. I'm a non-binary visual communicator who likes to draw, design, animate, code, and eat. Most of the time, you'll likely find me doing a combination of the above.

I'm currently based in Moh’kinsstis Treaty 7 Territory (Calgary, Alberta). I'm a full time product designer at Versett, and a full time cat parent at home.

My pronouns are they/them (English), iel/il (French), 他 (Chinese).

Things I've worked on

I’ve designed and developed responsive, accessible interfaces for clients such as Alberta Health Services (AHS), Calgary Distress Centre, Wood’s Homes, TELUS Spark, ATB, and American Express Global Business Travel (Amex GBT).

I’ve created illustrations and icons for clients like Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC), Wood’s Homes, and Arts Commons. I'm a regular contributor as an illustrator to Big Kitty Magazine, a publication in Calgary that showcases and focuses on amplifying marginalized voices in local art, music, and culture.

I'm also interested in making art for video games - I created concept art and pixel art for a game called Velo Kitty with some friends! You can play Velo Kitty here 🐱

I painted a mural for the Calgary Community Fridge to create a welcoming space for a community initiated, mutual aid response to food insecurity in the city.

I'm currently serving as a Board Director for the Calgary Centre for Global Community.

an animated drawing of my face

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